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Team Experiences

Team Experiences: Headliner

Have fun while being uber productive at your next off-site strategy session.

Become a facilitation rockstar who leads meetings to look forward to.

Team Experiences: Quote

Interactive, High Impact Facilitation


My facilitation style blends my educator roots with executive leadership experience to create unique, memorable and high-impact team experiences. Offering a combination of meeting design and facilitation support, as well as several customizable workshops, I help my clients host meetings and events that deepen relationships and trust on their team while doing strategic work.

Team Experiences: About

​Off-site/Major Workshops

Design & facilitation support including:

  • Techniques to achieve outcomes & build team culture

  • Gamification & interactive facilitation techniques to boost engagement

  • Shared accountability to "make it stick"

Day-to-Day Meetings

Consulting & training on how to:

  • Incorporate culture building into weekly meetings without sacrificing productivity

  • Increase engagement and dialogue on teams (even when connecting virtually)

  • Grow team impact by revamping meeting systems and structures

Virtual Meetings

Design & facilitation support including:

  • Offsite or day-to-day virtual meetings

  • Interactive & engaging virtual meeting facilitation strategies

  • Achieving outcomes with a dispersed team

  • Leading virtual meetings that don't skimp on relationships & culture

Virtual Learning Community

Consulting & training on how to:

  • Create a system to build & strengthen peer connections among a dispersed cohort 

  • Design a virtual space that supports strategy implementation & leadership skills

  • Sustain the ongoing professional growth and retention for a cohort of staff

Own It Workshop: Leadership Values & Purpose

Customizable 2-4 hour workshop:

  • Managers, leaders & executives establish their leadership style with intention

  • Structured opportunity to identify or revisit personal leadership values

  • Leave with a clear leadership purpose statement & action plan to put theory into practice

  • Interactive and customizable for your organizational or team needs (Virtual/in person, etc)

Own It Workshop:

Remote & Hybrid Meeting Revamp

Customizable 2-4 hour workshop:

  • Support leaders & managers to leverage their entire team’s perspectives in meetings with a dispersed team

  • Improve facilitation & management of day-to-day team meetings in hybrid or remote contexts

  • Explore real-world challenges & core facilitation strategies to maximize remote & hybrid team productivity

  • Action planning to immediately apply strategies

Team Experiences: Programs
Team Experiences: About
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Team Experiences: Programs
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