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New Manager Tip: Take time to celebrate team accomplishments (for YOUR benefit!)

It is important as a new manager to make a habit of celebrating the accomplishments of your team, not just to build team morale (which of course it does), but also for you to feel fulfilled in your new role as manager. Think about it...

Feeling accomplished at work is a key motivator for any employee.

In your previous life as an individual contributor or frontline staff, it was easy to recognize your own accomplishments and see your personal impact on reaching organizational goals.

But as soon as you step into a management role, seeing your direct personal impact becomes a bit trickier.

A manager's success IS the success of their team. As a new manager, recognizing and sharing in the accomplishments of your direct reports help you to appreciate the full scope of your impact. Otherwise, people management can quickly become hollow or draining.

This is a shift in thinking that takes practice, but it pays dividends in motivation and morale (for you and your team).

So, new managers, remember to pause to celebrate your team hitting that monthly target, finishing that project, or other success, big or small. And soak in your part in that success!

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