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New Manager Tip: Be authentic!

Are you a new manager, just promoted & wanting to prove you can handle your new job? I hear you.

New managers really feel the pressure, and, as a result, they often hide their authentic selves as they start out in a new role.

But, counterintuitive as it may be, even while you are working on figuring out your new management role, it’s super important to be real and even vulnerable sometimes.

Why? Because putting on a formal, super professional “boss” mask all the time is exhausting, unnatural and ineffective! It turns off direct reports, and is draining for the manager.

So, new managers, take the time to get to know your new direct reports and let them get to know who you are, too. Being authentic from the start (while maintaining healthy boundaries) will be extremely helpful in building up rapport and trust on your new team AND bring you greater job satisfaction.

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